3 advantage: shining, wear proof, and dirt proof



Floor Protective Effect




Significantly Shorten the construction period


3 construction method: with your purpose

プレミアム仕上げPremium Finishing Method

Premium Finishing Method construct high glossy floor which suitable for indoor using such as commercial facility and showroom. Decorative and highly functional floor surface features smooth cleaning, low maintenance cost and excellent wear resistance.

商業用床面仕上げCommercial Floor Finishing Method

Commercial Floor Finishing Method is suitable for indoor shops, front, retail areas, and public spaces floor. The floor could keep good appearance for longtime, and easy to maintenance.

産業用床面仕上げIndustrial Floor Finishing Method

Industrial Floor finishing method is using for indoor wide floor such as warehouses and department stores. It provides functional floor with minimal maintenance cost. It is excellent in durability against oil and dust and is a low gloss finishing method that can be used in harsh environments such as factory environment. This method finishing up with low glossiness which is able to using in harsh environment such as factory, and having excellent durability against oil and dust.

Floor Grinders & Polishing which build up strong and shining conrete

PG 680 has 680mm polishing width. It is suitable not only for factory, also suitable for shopping mall department store to polishing. On the assumption that general Japanese frontage, it can using in anywhere. Planetary gear mechanism enhance polishing force to achieve industry-leading power and labor effectiveness. It able to working on treatment through polishing.

PG400 single disc floor grinder for a wide range of applications such as concrete polishing, paint, epoxy and spackle. Also it able to using for asphalt pavement and does not require tools for setup and breakup. PG400 is easy to transport due to its compact and foldable frame.


PG 280 is smallest equipment in the floor polishing machines series.
It able to using in normal concrete polishing, and it can take off cover that possible to smoothly polishing besides walls. It can remove adhesives, paints, epoxy, and other repair materials. Also it does not require tools for setup and breakup. PG 280 is easy to transport due to its compact and foldable frame.

DC5500(集塵機)DC5500(dust collector)
DC5500 is dust collector which has excellent ability to be demonstrated in a highly demanding industry that is required to remove atmospheric dust at high suction volume. It is easy to transport and able to use with PG680.