Significantly reducing the running costs


Comaprison with conventional floor construction

Conventional floor construction
Eight Polish Concrete Method
Cost  To keep excellent appearance, conventional vinyl floor tile need daily cleaning and regularly maintenance.

If floor has serious damage, it needs to replace every few years.

 Eight Polish Concrete Method could reduce the costs of building maintenance.
floor, finishing up by polish concrete method, has dust proof so it is easyly to clean up.
It’s shining floor can keep by burnisher cleaning and no more need to be cover with wax.
Since the shining floor makes room bright, It can be expected that reducing the cost of lights electricity.
Impact on the 
 Conventional floor construction method always require maintenance to keep excellent appearance. To cleaning, it requires lots of detergent, which has big impact to environment.  The chemical, using in Eight Polish Concrete Method, does not contain Volatile Organic Compounds so can use it comfortably.
Also, it reduce number of times to maintenance, and contribute to safety for the human body and the environment.
efficacy  It requires large-scale maintenance several times per year.  High durability and permanent effect are expected. Since it strengthen the concrete surface, no peeling due to aged deterioration, the effect is exerted as the use time elapses, and the effect continues permanently